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A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Applications: T8 vs. T5

Which Is The Better Application, T8 or T5?

Well, It Depends!

Both T5 and T8 lighting solutions are smart choices when considering a lighting upgrade, however depending on the application one of these technologies will work better.

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Energy Efficient Solutions For Auto Dealership Service Areas

Brighter, Energy Efficient Solutions for Crippen Buick, GMC, Volvo and Mazda

Hovey Electric did a lighting upgrade in several ares of the Crippen Buick, GMC, Volvo, and Mazda Auto Dealership in Lansing, MI in June of 2010.

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Maintenance Cost Comparison:400 Watt Metal Halide vs.Fluorescent T5

Have You Calculated The Cost Of A 400 Watt Metal Halide Fixture vs A Fluorescent T5?....If not, you should....

I'm not going to talk about how efficient fluorescent T5 lighting is, or how terrible metal halide is, I don't have to! You already know that....or if you didn't find out, just click here.

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FREE Energy Efficient Lighting Seminar At Refine Tile, Elkton, KY

Free Energy Efficient Lighting Seminar In Elkton, Kentucky!

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Holiday Energy Saving Ideas

Tis the season!

.....for high energy bills! Today let's look at some simple tips and energy saving ideas to help this holiday season.

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Energy Efficient Lighting: Lamp Life of New Energy Efficient Bulbs

Fluorescent lamp life:

All lamps are not created equal, and while there are hundreds of different configurations I want to touch base on the common non-specialized lamps that we see every day.

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Energy Efficient Lighting: CREE LED More Efficient Than Fluorescent?

What Could Be More Energy Efficient Than Fluorescents?

What replaces energy efficient fluorescents?

Think of a large office building, or perhaps a high school or college. One thing they all have is a lot of fluorescent 2x4 fixtures in the ceiling.

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Energy Efficient Lighting for Dealerships and Large Parking Lots

Most Dealerships Use Expensive 1000 Watt Metal Halide..

The very first time I drove to see our operations in Clarksville Tennessee I can remember rolling into town late at night. I was absolutely amazed at the number of large dealerships on the main strip, all lit up like a Christmas tree.....all with Metal Halide.

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Types Of HID Lights And Replacements For |Energy Efficient Lighting|

HID Lighting: Energy Efficient Lighting Options.

While HID lighting covers a broad scope of lighting the most common lamps are Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, and High Pressure Sodium. Let's look at some viable options for replacement.

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HID Lighting:Energy Efficient Replacements For High Pressure Sodium

HID Lighting: Replacement Options For High Pressure Sodium

While HID lighting covers a broad scope of lighting the most common lamps are Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, and High Pressure Sodium. Let's look at some viable options for replacement for High Pressure Sodium fixtures.

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