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How Does A Light Emitting Diode (LED) Make Light?

Understanding What's Makes A Light Emitting Diode (LED) Light...

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5 Articles About The LED Light Bulb That Would Make Edison Proud!

All About LED Light Bulbs

We do a ton of research and writing for this website, so we are always reading other peoples work.  Here are 5 articles all about LED that are informative, fun, and educational all wrapped up into one place for you.  We do the research, so you don't have to.  

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How To Calculate Watts For Analyzing Energy Efficiency Projects

In Order To Learn How To Calculate Watts, You First Need To Understand "Watt's" a Watt? 

Yes, I know I spelled What wrong above.  I will likely get in trouble for the spelling from my wife, the teacher.  But it is for a good reason, energy efficiency.  First let's define a watt.....

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T12 vs T8 vs T5: "T-12"...As Outdated As Your Granparents Bingo Game?

T12 vs T8 vs T5 ...  Are We Playing Bingo?

But of Course, Bingo doesn't have the T, so we must be talking about lighting.

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T5 vs. T8: How Do You Know If You Really Need T5 Lighting?

Do You Really Need T5 Lighting and Does It Matter?

Let's take a look at the differences between T8 and T5 fluorescent technology and see how they stack up. This is important because the T5 lighting could cost you 2x more than T8 Lighting.  Here's why. 

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5 Easy, Energy Efficient Solutions For Your Business

Energy efficient businesses save themselves significant dollars while at the same time improve
a world that continues to struggle under increasing energy demands. And, the effort and money it takes to become an energy efficient businesses is surprisingly little.  Simple upgrades can quickly transform any business into an energy efficient one.

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5 Recent Articles About The Technology Behind The LED Light Bulb

Things To Consider When Considering LED

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14 Ways To Save Energy For Michigan Small Businesses

From occupancy sensors for lighting to HVAC improvements, there are a many ways for small businesses to reduce their energy consumption. Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) recently comprised a list of easy to implement tips for small business owners looking to reduce their energy foot print. Here are 14 of our favorite tips for your business:

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LED Light Bulbs: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About LED

LED Lighting Is Gaining Ground 

LED lighting has been becoming more and more popular.  In fact if you go to the Google Keyword Tool, you will find the following number of global searches on the typical types of lighting:

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4 Municipalities Find Ways To Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Is Saving Municipalities Millions Of Dollars

Below are some recent articles on the topic of ways to improve energy efficiency. There are 4 examples of how cities and schools are saving real money by upgrading energy efficient technology.  

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