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Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Nov 24, 2010 @ 16:11 PM

energy-efficiency-incentives-for-gymnasium-lighting $30 Million in DOE Energy Efficiency Retrofits Awards

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced nearly $30 million in awards for state energy efficiency projects that are pretty exciting.

The DOE funds are allocated to 12 states and territories that demonstrated competitiveness through the State Energy Program.This program provides financial and technical assistance for state energy priorities.

These communities will receive the funding to work on whole-building, energy saving retrofits to help create jobs, save energy for consumers and businesses, and hopefully stimulate greater interest in energy efficiency projects and technologies.

Energy Efficiency Could Save $40 Billion Per Year

The DOE estimates that retrofitting commercial and residential buildings using existing, proven energy efficiency technologies like insulation, caulking, lighting upgrades, and sealing ducts, etc could save the country $40 billion in energy bills every year, with a total of 40% reduction in energy consumption. States will be awarded funds in two categories,

  1. Strengthening Building Retrofit Markets focused on actual retrofitting markets
  2. Stimulating Energy Efficiency Action to support energy policies and program frameworks.

Examples of Energy Efficiency Projects that Benefit

The funds allocated by this program are exciting because they provide real funds for projects such as:

  • Expansion of Nevada’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program for retrofitting 5% of the state’s single-family homes by 2021.
  • Outfitting 300,000 homes over several states with energy efficiency improvements, with programs that include community engagement and education, policy development, and innovative financing.
  • Working with multi-family buildings to upgrade energy efficiencies within the building and reduce power consumption.
  • Create self-sustaining financing programs for energy efficiency retrofits in retail food service businesses.

Federal Incentives Make Energy Efficiency a Great Investment

This is just one of many federal financing programs that should go a long way to making it easier for businesses and consumers alike to adopt the real savings available through energy efficiency improvements.

Without a doubt, making building energy efficiency improvements is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways businesses can achieve operational savings in tough economic times.

Our customers are always impressed with how significant the savings are and how quick the return on investments can be with lighting improvements and other energy upgrades we make to their buildings

Want to Learn More About Energy Efficiency Incentives?

Download our FREE Guide: Business Owners Guide to Energy Efficiency.  This is a Free resource that we developed to help business owners understand the basics on why you should consider an energy efficiency strategy for your business.

Looking for Energy Efficiency Incentives for your area?  You can find out more about Energy Efficiency Incentives that apply to your state or territory by going here.  This is the most comprehensive list of Energy Efficiency Incentives state by state. 

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