How Honda Found Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Thu, Feb 10, 2011 @ 08:02 AM

Automobile Manufacturers and Energy Efficiency;

Honda’s East Liberty and Marysville High-Performance Auto Plants Save Energy and Money-BIG TIME! 

Honda ( has a new Green Factory initiative that aims to make a big environmental impact while also keeping operational costs low.

Two plants – one in East Liberty and the other in Marysville, Ohio – are demonstrating how new energy efficiency technologies can seriously benefit the bottom line.


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Methods Honda has used for energy efficiency improvements

Here are some of the energy efficiency standards they’re employing to save money in these two plants:

Honda moves to High-efficiency lighting technology:

  • High-efficiency T8 and T5 lamps and compact fluorescent or LED fixtures in office and break areas

  • Metal halide lamps with centralized controls in assembly areas

  • High-bay lighting are removed where shifting needs necessitate upgrades

Honda Upgrades to High-efficiency motors and VFD's:

  • High-efficiency electric motors

  • Variable speed drives on gas and liquid flow systems

  • High-pressure blowers instead of compressed air in blow-off and cooling applications


Reducing Electricity and Natural Gas use Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

In these plants, the main source of greenhouse gas emissions come through the electricity and natural gas used in manufacturing.

Electricity – electricity for running things like robots used in welding, painting, and assembly, energy for motors driving pumps and fans, chillers, and compressed air systems;

Natural gas- building and water heating, conditioning fresh air, etc.

Electricity and Natural gas account for 96% of the total CO2 emissions.

Honda achieves reduction of 12.6% energy use even in poor econonomy

Despite a slow economy and rising energy intensity of automobile production of 9.7%, Honda global has achieved average energy use savings for each automobile produced of 12.6% over the past five years.

Honda Achieves ENERGY STAR ratings

Both of these auto plants have achieved ENERGY STAR ratings since 2006, the first year the award was given, which has gone a long way to ensure their energy savings.

Honda is Saving Money through Energy Efficiency

The bottom line is that these energy efficiency improvements are helping Honda save money.

Honda requires most investment projects – including those for saving energy – to have a payback of 2 years or less, and these have proven to achieve that result.

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