How Wine Society Exceeds Warehouse Energy Efficiency Projections

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Mon, Feb 14, 2011 @ 08:02 AM

Beating Forecasted Energy SavingsHow-wine-society-exceeds-forecasted-warehouse-energy-efficiency 

This is a great story about how green designs for a warehouse can actually provide better than anticipated energy savings.

The 35,000 square foot green warehouse built for the Wine Society at Stevenage in Hertfordshire is demonstrating the power of sustainable building designs as a way of exceeding warehouse energy efficiency projections.

The new warehouse has attained the following energy savings results:

Gas consumption:

  • predicted to be 384,948 mcft per year;

  • actual consumption was 52,628 mcft.

Electricity consumption:

  • predicted to be 358,961 kWh per year;

  • actual consumption was 295,490 kWh.

Actual Consumption proves to Save $23,000 over predicted cost.

And these amazing outcomes of the green building designs were achieved despite a very harsh winter in 2009.

The resulting carbon dioxide emissions savings are about 90 tons annually and the dollars saved somewhere in the neighborhood of $23,000 annually.

Energy Efficiency Technologies used

Perhaps the most successful green building design in the wine warehouse is the use of energy-saving pre-formed wall panels of energy saving material called Tradical Hemcrete.

This exterior wall cladding material has outstanding insulation properties that provides a stable internal air temperature even during cold winters and hot summers.

The building also makes use of daylighting designs through the use of Kalwall, a glass fiber insulating panel that provides 50% light transmissions. This reduces the electricity needed for lighting indoor spaces.

The roofing is also highly insulated.

Energy Efficiency Designs can Save more than Predicted

This is another excellent example of how effective green building designs are for achieving tangible energy and financial savings.

You can find out more about this green building project by reading this case study on the subject.

If you can't change the design of your building, you can simply retrofit with other options.  See Northwood University - Hach Gymnasium for more information.

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