Ways To Save Energy:3 Tips To Increase Energy Savings In Home Or Biz

Posted by Dave VanTol on Tue, Mar 27, 2012 @ 15:03 PM

Simple, Practical Ways To Find Energy Savings for Homeowners and Small Businesses

These are some simple tips than anyone can implement for immediate energy savings.  I know, because these are the very same things I did in my home.

I am a Journeyman Electrician, but as you will see as we move through the tips that there is more to energy efficiency than electricity.

This process has become a game for me.  I constantly think of way that I can get my energy bills to go down.  I hate writing that check every month when I know there are ways I could have saved energy. 

Let's take a look at this weeks tips,

3 Tips, 3 Hours Your "Homework"

Did you do your "Homework" last week?  Did you forget? Here is the link to last weeks tips 1-3.  No problem if you didn't, but the sooner you make the changes, the sooner you put money in your pocket. 

Each one of the 9 Tips (3 per week for 3 weeks) should take you about an hour to implement...or about 9 hours.  Maybe you just do 1 per week and it takes you 9 weeks...it doesn't matter as long as you have a plan.

The energy efficiency solutions I implemented took me about an hour to do each one.  It may take you a little more time, but don't worry, your saving money when you are saving energy. 

 Tip # 4 Change Your Light Bulbs                      


Now that you have your plan put together, you can do one of the easiest retrofits of all: The light bulbs.

The first and easiest thing to do is change out all your interior lighting to CFL.

There is no reason to have a 100W incandescent lamp anywhere in your house, CFL's today come in all shapes and sizes to fit any fixtures you may have.

Tip #5 Buy Quality, It is worth it!

Use trusted names like GE, or Sylvania.When you do go to buy them you will see a lot of "no name" CFL's on the shelf, I tried them and they do not last as long.

I use GE in my home and have not changed a bulb in years.

Tip #6 - Got Kids?....Get Motion Sensors!!

The next step I did was address the "light switch" issue with my teenage children.

Anyone who has teenagers understands this. They seem to think that light switches only work in one direction and that's "ON".

I installed occupancy sensors in both of there bedrooms and it has worked beautifully. 

I recommend a dual technology sensor, this will activate with not only motion but sound as well.

I used the 3 minute setting on it and have had no complaints.

Here's Your Homework:

  1. Change out all of your incandescent bulbs to CFL

  2. Buy Quality name brand electrical equipment

  3. Install motion sensors in all rooms....especially IF you have kids!

3 Tips, 3 Hours, How Long Did It Take You? Let us know in the comments below if our 1 hour per tip is accurate. 

Don't forget to be safe, use ladders the right way and be smart around electricity.

Still trying to figure out Energy Efficiency?  Take a look at this article written by Jimmy Hovey, "What's a Watt?"

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