Power Monitoring System: How To Become Your Own "Power Detective"

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Thu, Dec 08, 2011 @ 07:12 AM

What is Power Monitoring?

Paying your utility bill is like signing a blank check while being blindfolded......


Power monitoring is a highly-effective means to detect or prevent problems on power systems. A monitoring system can provide information about system disturbances and their possible causes.

A power monitoring system can also detect problem conditions throughout the system before they cause issues, equipment malfunctions, and even equipment damage or failure.

Power quality problems are not necessarily limited to the utility side of the system. Studies have shown that the majority of power quality problems are within customer facilities.

With increasing business costs in an highly competitive industry, power monitoring can be the difference between keeping and losing key customers.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider a power monitoring system:

Power Monitoring Measures Efficiency

Understanding how your facility uses energy is one of the most critical steps in reducing your overall energy costs.  Power monitoring reports where your energy dollars are going in real time allowing for you to understand what equipment uses the most electricity.

Power Monitoring Will Reveal Energy Efficiency Opportunities

By identifying what the energy usage is on each piece of equipment, you will be able to determine more accurately which change outs would benefit your company the most. 

Replacing inefficient equipment can be an expensive endeavor, but knowing which replacement will provide your company the most return will allow you to prioritize replacement overtime. 

Power Monitoring Will Verify Energy Savings

If you make improvements by upgrading older inefficiency equipment, a power monitoring system will allow you to verify the forecasted savings.  By monitoring the equipment, you won't have to wait for your next utility bill to see the savings. 

Savings will appear immediately if you compare the new readings with previous readings. 

Is Power Monitoring Right For YOU?

Still not sure if power monitoring is right for your business?  In order to consider the benefits of power monitoring you need to understand the benefits of energy efficiency. 

The best way to do that is to Download our FREE e-book, Business Owners Guide to Energy Efficiency. The 36 page e-book looks at the 5 benefits of energy efficiency and shows you the 7 steps to calculate your energy savings for any type of energy efficiency upgrade you are considering.

Have more questions regarding power monitoring?  Just leave us your question in the comment section below.

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