3 Reasons Why You Need a Power Monitoring System

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Jul 13, 2011 @ 07:07 AM

1-Power Monitoring Can Reduce Power Factor Penalties

What is Power Factor?

Most people do not understand what Power Factor (PF) means.  This is essentially the term used for the quality of the power that is delivered to your facility.  Ideally, you want your facility to have a PF of 100.  If you PF is less than that, between 60-90, you have a lot of room for improvement. In fact, you pay for that difference each month. 


Power Factor or Power Penalty?

I think Power Factor should be re-named to Power Penalty instead.  You are penalized through your utility bill each month if your PF falls in the range of 60-90.  The lower the quality of power, the more power your utility company has to have set aside in reserve in case you need it.  Essentially you are having 120% of the power you need delivered if your Power Factor is 80.  You pay for the extra power in reserve for your facility.

How Will Power Monitoring Help With Power Factor?

With a Power Monitoring system, you can monitor your PF in real time.  This allows you to manage the up line (utility side) and down line (your facility side) in order to bring your Power Factor as close to 100 as possible.  This alone could fully justify and pay for a Power Monitoring System for several years.

2-Power Monitoring Lets You Allocate Energy Cost

Do You Know How Much Energy Goes Into Each


Do you make a lot of products or have a division that uses more power than another?  Power Monitoring will allow you to accurately allocate costs to the specific product being manufactured.  Power monitoring data will give you the necessary information to determine the profitability of your product or service.

3-Power Monitoring Will Help Reduce Peak Demand

Peak Demand Charges are Expensive

Peak demand should be called a demand penalty.  This hits businesses very hard

that utilize a lot of energy during normal working hours.  Even if you only hit a high peak for a few short minutes, you will pay for that peak for the next 30 days.

Know Where Your Power Is Going

By utilizing a Power Monitoring system, you will know where your energy goes and

when.  By analyzing the data, you will be able to make production decisions based on factual data from the machinery. 

Get an Alert When You are Reaching Peak Demand...

Power monitoring systems can provide alarms to alert you when you are reaching peak capacity that could severely penalize your business for energy consumption.  This could mean a 5 minute shutdown on 1 particular machine to save thousands over the next month. 

Interested in Finding Out if Power Monitoring Would Benefit Your Business?

Hovey Electric has been working in industrial environments for over 32 years.  Large manufacturers have been monitoring their power use for over 20 years and Hovey Electric has been there to install the equipment and provide that data back to the owners for critical decision making.

Hovey Electric provides installation and monitoring of Power Monitoring systems for companies with several hundred machines down to just a few machines.  An investment in Power Monitoring equipment can pay for itself several times over. 

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