4 Energy Efficient Devices That Increase Energy Savings

Posted by Dave VanTol on Fri, Oct 21, 2011 @ 08:10 AM

Energy Efficient Devices:

I recently did an article called Energy Efficient Products: What We Like and Why We Like Them. In the article I wrote about some of the newer technologies that are out on the market place to help conserve energy.

This article is going to build off of that and show some of the other "helper" technologies that all help achieve the bigger picture which is energy efficiency. 

Leviton F-bay occupancy sensor: energy-efficient-device-leviton-motion-sensor

It's a step in the right direction when you replace your existing metal halide highbays with fluorescent F-bays. Now why don't we squeeze even more efficiency out of them.

Many places where F-bays are used are large areas that do not need to be lit the entire time....people aren't using the entire area. That's where this guy comes in, it installs directly to the fixture and controls each light individually.

It's perfect in large warehouses with aisles, or large places that are unoccupied for periods of the work day.


Leviton ODS10 occupancy sensorenergy-efficient-device-leviton-wall-mount-motion-sensor

This is another work horse sensor. The biggest feature I like is it does not require a neutral wire to be installed.

Many switch boxes do not have a neutral wire in them, mainly because a switch doesn't use them. This alleviates the problem of having to pull an extra wire from the light location down into the switch.

It features manual set points so you can dial it into whatever the habits are for the particular space its servicing. Cost is very economical as far as sensors go.



GE F28T8 reduced wattage lamp: 

Ok I'll admit, on this product I am a bit biased. I use this on almost 90% of our lightingenergy-efficient-devices-bulbs projects. This lamp when paired with a .88 BF ballast runs incredibly well, gives great light and meets all the standards for municipality rebates.

I recently used these in an application where I retrofitted 8' High Output strip lights to a 4 lamp T8 fixture using these lamps. The difference was amazing, and I was conserving over 150 watts per fixture.

Time Clock:

You would be amazed how many places have no control on there exterior lighting. Just one simple, inexpensive little device can save thousands of dollars per year. As technology progresses and integrates we are seeing more advanced digital lighting controls that tie inenergy-efficient-devices-time-clocks-saves-energy with energy management software.

While the one I reference is a simple analog model.....it still performs the same function, turning the lights off when you don't need them.

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