Ways To Save Energy: Energy Saving Tips For Around the Office

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Tue, Mar 13, 2012 @ 17:03 PM

Some Quick Energy Saving Tips For Around The Office...

Saving Energy Saves Profit

There are multiple methods for conserving energy in your business. By following just a few simple energy saving tips, you can reduce your energy consumption, save money and help to preserve the Earth’s natural resources for future generations.


Keep in mind that most energy saving tips are mostly common sense. We are all quite aware that cranking up your HVAC system to full blast is a surefire way to send your kilowatt hour usage into quadruple digits.

However, few business owners realize that shutting off your system each day in between uses, or after hours, may actually use more energy than a consistent flow. In order to save more energy, keep your thermostat set to 79 degrees F or higher during the summer, and 69 degrees F and below during winter. Utilize energy efficient fans and space heaters to keep your employees, customers and clients comfortable.

The Office Refrigerator

Another one of the best and most forgotten energy saving tips is setting the temperature of your office refrigerator and freezer. Depending on the age of your appliances, you may want to consider replacing your refrigerator and freezer with a newer, Energy Star approved option. Otherwise, keep your refrigerator set to about 37 degrees and your freezer set to about 3 degrees F to keep your food fresh without wasting energy.


Appliances and Electronics

An easy and important energy saving tip is to use only what you need to avoid wasting the rest. One of the biggest energy wasters is leaving your appliances and electronics plugged in or turned on while you are away. Whether you are closing your business for a week-long vacation, or just locking up for the weekend, unplugging computers, printers and fax machines, and switching off your water heater can conserve a great deal of energy.

Watch Your Bill, Be Aware

Finally, remember that sometimes the one of the best energy saving tips is to simply be aware of your consumption. The more you understand how your own habits affect energy usage, the more likely you will be to make smarter choices in your business. 

Take A Look At Your Lighting

Lighting is a big item to tackle that may take some additional study.  To help you out, take a look at our Free e-book, "Business Owners Guide to Energy Efficiency-Lighting Solutions.  Just click on the button below and we will show you how you can save BIG money on your energy costs. 

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