Energy Efficiency Incentives: TVA Incentives For "Custom" Lighting

Posted by Dave VanTol on Thu, Nov 03, 2011 @ 12:11 PM

Does Your Kentucky Or Tennessee Business Qualify For TVA Energy Efficiency Incentives?

Understanding Incentive Categories


This article will highlight categories that the municipality incentives fall into. More specifically, these are the categories of TVA in the Kentucky and Tennessee area.

What Is A "Custom" Project?

Municipalities break down projects into two main categories, prescriptive and custom. A prescriptive item is one that there is a line item on there application form. Take for example if you replace a 400W metal halide fixture with a 4 lamp T5 fixture, they have a one for one change out line item that allows for $72.00 per fixture you replace.

A custom application is one that there is no clear 1 for 1 replacement.  In this case, you need to know the watts that the fixture for.

In this case lets use a 1000W metal halide being replaced by a 250W inductive fluorescent fixture. In this case they do not have a specific amount for that type of fixture.

Given the broad amount of fixture technologies available they use the "custom" classification to calculate what the incentive rebate would be. TVA specifically uses .10 cents per Kilowatt hour reduced based on your annual usage. For more details on the TVA custom lighting program click here.

Here Is How The Incentives Apply

Let's take a look at a sample project from the TVA area. This project entails changing existing 1000 and 400 watt metal halides out to inductive fluorescent.

Existing Fixtures:

5 - 1000W metal halide lamps @1080watts ea.

1 - 1200W metal halide @ 1300watts ea.

32 - 400W metal halide @ 458watts ea.

Total system KWH @ 4000 hrs usage per year = 111,621 kwh.


New Fixtures:

5 - 250W inductive fluorescents @ 265watts ea.

1 - 250W inductive fluorescent @ 265watts ea.

32 - 200W inductive fluorescents @ 215watts ea.

Total system KWH @ 4000 hrs usage per year = 46,160 kwh.


KWH Savings:

111,621 - 46,160 = 65,461 KWH saved!


Sample TVA Utility Incentive:

65,461 KWH saved X .10 cents(per kwh reduced) = $6,546.10


Hovey Electric can help!

This is just a quick rundown on a sample project. Many times the calculations are more extensive with many more fixture types. Every project is different, so it is important to have a qualified electrical company evaluate your needs.  That's where we can help!

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