HID Lighting:Energy Efficient Replacements For High Pressure Sodium

Posted by Dave VanTol on Thu, Nov 10, 2011 @ 20:11 PM

HID Lighting: Replacement Options For High Pressure energy-efficient-options-for-high-pressure-sodiumSodium

While HID lighting covers a broad scope of lighting the most common lamps are Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, and High Pressure Sodium. Let's look at some viable options for replacement for High Pressure Sodium fixtures.

High Pressure Sodium

While it is considered efficient by HID standards it's really not. HPS can be identified by the orange/amber light it produces. Mainly used in parking lots, or as general lighting in exterior applications. 

One benefit of the amber colored lighting is that it doesn't take much with todays technology to replace it.

Replacement options

You Can Replace With LED...

LED is a great option in this instance because the higher CRI of LED lighting really makes things appear alot brighter than HPS lights. Typically the HPS is in a lower wattage than metal halide, thus LED can really compete with it.

There are LED retrofit kits for this.....but my opinion is you are better off with a new fixture covered under warranty. The reason being that there is just too much "junk" on the market.

Or Replace With Inductive Fluorescent...

Inductive fluorescent is another option as well. Due to the poor coloring of HPS lighting it can be replaced by an Inductive at significantly less wattage. I have replaced 250W HPS with 100W Inductive and it looked 10 times brighter.

Industrial Lighting Options

You see a lot of HPS lighting in Industrial areas as well, Appleton actually offers an LED and Inductive solution for this as well that holds all the characteristics of there commercial counterparts.

Get Rid Of That Orange Light and Save 50% On Your Lighting Costs

If your unsure of what you have or just want to know what your options are for lighting, leave a comment below and we will be happy to set something up.

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