Holiday Energy Saving Ideas

Posted by Dave VanTol on Fri, Dec 23, 2011 @ 09:12 AM

Tis the season!

.....for high energy bills! Today let's look at some simple tips and energy saving ideas to help this holiday season.

Make the switch to LED.
LED Christmas tree

LED christmas lights not only last longer, they eliminate that favorite holiday game "find the burned out bulb". Switching to LED lights will save 90% of the electricity used by standard Christmas lights and can be purchased for around $10 a strand.

Fiber Optics

I know, I know.....there not very traditional, but fiber optic trees usually only use one lamp to light the entire tree! In addition to being energy savers the fiber optic trees are a breeze to set up, and no more pesky needles all over the house!

Festive and Cozy

When your sitting in your living room with your tree lit up, shut off other light sources in the room. Christmas tree lights give off more than ample lighting and turning off the other lights saves energy. Besides, it just feels nice and cozy with Christmas lights!

Turn them offexterior christmas lights

Exterior lighting only needs to come on at dark and can be turned off at bed time. Mine are usually on 5 hours a day. If you don't feel like hopping out into the cold to unplug them at night, invest in a timer. Many box style supply stores sell them cheaply and they very user friendly.

Go old school

I like Christmas lights as much as the next guy, but around the holidays there is nothing like using candles to light a room and set the mood for festivities. A little more care and safety iscandle required but there is nothing like hunkering down with the family to watch a movie in a room that's candle lit.

Turn it down

So the whole families coming over for the holidays? Turn down your thermostat when the first guests start arriving. All those bodies packed into your home are not only good company, they produce heat as well. It's not uncommon for my furnace to only kick on once or twice a day when the family is gathered at my house.

Interestingly enough I recieved this article in my email after I had already created this post. Check it out here.It covers the same types of things I have but also informs people of the higher standards that new energy efficient decorative lighting must meet.

Stay safe this holiday season and best wishes!


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