Energy Efficient Solutions For Auto Dealership Service Areas

Posted by Dave VanTol on Sat, Feb 04, 2012 @ 07:02 AM

Brighter, Energy Efficient Solutions for Crippen Buick, GMC, Volvo and Mazda

Hovey Electric did a lighting upgrade in several ares of the Crippen Buick, GMC, Volvo, and Mazda Auto Dealership in Lansing, MI in June of 2010.

The owner, Jeff Crippen, wanted to look into lowering his energy costs as well as increasing the poor light quality in his automotive service departments.

One such area was the light service area. The service area is broken into two parts

  1. light service  
  2. heavy service

The area's utilized 20- 8' T-12-VHO and 20-8' T-12-HO strip lighting all mixed together.

Total existing KWH was 34,975 annually.

Factors to Consider:

Choosing the right fixture

When looking at this area we decided that 6 lamp T8 F-bays utilizing 5000K lamps would be the best fit. Lower ceiling heights coupled with the numerous non reflective surfaces were a perfect place to utilize this type of lighting.

Confirm with a photometric lighting design

We started from scratch and did a complete photometric lighting layout using software that would show us estimated foot candle levels. Once layout was complete power was killed and the old fixtures were demo'd out.

Auto Technicians love the light

By following our computer generated lighting layout we were able to space the fixtures for optimal coverage. New fixtures were installed and when the power was turned back on we had a much brighter, cleaner looking space.

Immediately the Automotive Technicians noticed what a difference the 5000K lamps made and how much easier there eyes could pick up finer details. 

The Results:Brighter, Energy Efficient Lighting

While the lighting quality increase was a huge plus it obviously was not the main reason for the upgrade.

Our new fixtures had an annual KWH of 26,556. 

This equates to a savings of 8,419 KWH for just this space, light service. 

Pictures are worth 1,000 words so look for yourself!





Can You See The Difference?

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