Induction Lighting: An Amazing Breakthrough In Fluorescent Lighting

Posted by Dave VanTol on Thu, Feb 23, 2012 @ 07:02 AM

Induction Lighting:

This in my mind is just one of the cooler technologies. It blends the lamp life of LED with theenergy-efficient-lighting-induction-lighting-applications reliability and cost effectiveness of Fluorescent. Inductive Fluorescent lighting is actually an older technology that was never economical until the advancements in LED driver technology made leaps and bounds.

Today I want to discuss where Induction Lighting Technology is a good fit.

Ambient Temperature Rating:

Most Induction lighting on the market is designed to operate efficiently between -40F and 130F, this opens up alot of doors for us as far as environments go.

Here in Michigan it gets cold in the winter and we have used them reliably with no complaints of diminished light output. Warmer climates appear to be no problem either.

I have family in Arizona and can tell you that it gets hot....but not 130F.

The Great Outdoors:

The Inductive Fluorescent is a natural replacement for exterior HID lighting. Parking lots, car dealerships, and area lighting all are great fits. In a previous article on LED I stated that I have yet to see an LED light compete with 400 or 1,000W metal halide, Induction not only dominates! Here is an application at a Auto Dealership in Lansing MI where we reduced energy consumption by 75% using inductive lights.

Induction is available in wattages that will readily replace the higher powered HID fixtures as well as the smaller area lighting wall packs. Energy savings of 50-75% over existing HID is very achievable.

Interior Inductive Fluorescent Lighting:

Any areas that have HID high bay lighting are automatic candidates. The great thing about the inductive lighting is its lighting quality is far greater than any of the HID lighting out there. Here is a great explanation of CRI.

Typical metal halide has a CRI of 60 while the Inductive Fluorescent lamp produces around 85. That means truer cleaner color rendering. Several manufacturers produce retrofit kits for existing high bay lighting that is a more cost effective solution than buying a new fixture. 

Here's a video of the COBO Hall in Detroit which was recently updated with Inductive Fluorescent Lighting. See for yourself!

 Get rid of HID!

If you want to replace High wattage HID fixtures and see masive energy and maintenance savings than Induction Lighting is probably your best bet.

I know of no other lighting technology that comes close to replacing the high wattage, grossly inefficient HID fixtures that are found in so many of America's arenas, manufacturing, and storage facilities.

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