Dealership Lighting:How To Avoid Being Duped By The Lighting Salesman

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, Apr 13, 2012 @ 08:04 AM

Why The Best Choice For Car Dealership Lighting Is Not Always The Most Obviousdealership lighting how to make sure you don%27t get duped by a lighting salesman

Last week we had a salesman cold call us in our office.  He was very pushy and continued to educate us on energy efficient lighting and why we should buy from him.  Apparently he hasn't been reading our blog posts.....and we didn't let on that we knew anything either.

While we are very open minded to new technology, this guy was trying to sell us and sell hard.  That doesn't work with us, but obviously it is working somewhere because the guy is out there pounding the streets.

What Someone Sells Make Not Be The Best Choice For Your Car Dealership

My point here is the fact that often what is recommended for car dealership lighting is not the best choice, but actually the choice of the salesperson.  The Salesperson in our office had an agenda and he was only going to be happy if it was HIS way.  He wasn't at all worried about what we actually need. 

These types of sales tactics has made it more difficult for us to approach business owners because they are used to these guys spouting off all the benefits of a product.  They don't take the time to listen to what the customer needs.  

We Recommend What Is Best For The Customer, Not Our Commisions

We don't represent any manufacturers or specific wholesalers, so we are quite objective when it comes to specifying products.  We want the best choice. 

One of the best applications we have put together is replacing 1000 Watt Metal Halide fixtures with 250 Watt Induction Lighting.  We did this at Crippen Buick GMC Volvo Mazda in Lansing MI a little over a year ago.  

Here Is The Math:

1000 Watt Metal Halide - 1,038 Watts

250 Watt Induction Fixture - 250 Watts

(1038 Watts - 250 Watts = 788) Watts Per Fixture Reduction

If It Sound Too Good To Be True....It Likely Is....Well Sometimes That's Not True

Mr Crippen thought we were crazy that we could reduce wattage that much and still actually be able to see the cars on his lot at night.  We were confident it would work so we did a test. 

We were willing to prove it as the best application, not because we were going to make a huge commision by selling the product.  In this case it was about proving that there were options available to help Car Dealerships significantly reduce their energy consumption and cost. We were focused on the needs of the Dealership, not our commisions.  That is the way it is supposed to be!

How Do You Know If Your Getting All The Facts

The guy who came into our business had one thing in mind and that was it.  A good way to find out if the salesperson is biased is to ask them questions about other lighting technologies. 

If they are only able to talk about one type of lighting technology, then that person is pushing a product.  If they can talk about multiple technologies, they likely don't care about what you actually need, but rather what they want to sell. 

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