What Are The Two Types Of Energy Efficiency Incentives?

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Mon, Apr 02, 2012 @ 12:04 PM

2 Basic Types of Utility Incentives2-types-of-energy-efficiency-incentives-prescriptive-custom-hovey-electric

Most programs came out with an annual budget amount they are going to spend on incentives, and you have to fill out the paperwork correctly and make sure you meet all the criteria for the utility. There are two basic types of incentives. There’s a prescriptive incentive, and a custom incentive.

Prescriptive Incentives-Simple

Prescriptive incentives are pretty simple. They are essentially a list of acceptable change-outs, or retrofits, or update and if you put in this type of fixture it’s going to be this many dollars. They’re pretty simple, they’re cut and dry, and you can fill out your paperwork, do the project and you’re done.

Custom Incentives-Can Be Tricky...

On the other hand, the custom programs are trickier. Most custom programs are based on a kilowatt hour reduction. The bigger the reduction, the bigger the incentives.

Utilities are actually doing a better job of reducing the amount of custom programs that they have to deal with. Custom programs are time-intensive for them and they may have to come out to your site and check to make sure that your data is correct and that sort of thing.

Is It Worth The Research?

Keep in mind that you may have some extra time involved in waiting and having them come out to do that. Is it work it? It can be a big factor. The Crippen project that we talked about earlier, he qualified for a $17,000 incentive.

That incentive went a long way toward the overall project. In the end it is well worth the time, effort and sometimes the headaches that are involved in sorting out these utility programs.

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