4 Real Stories About Energy Efficient Solutions That Save BIG Money

Posted by Dave VanTol on Fri, Apr 13, 2012 @ 11:04 AM

Are There Really Energy Efficient Solutions That Save Money?


We do a lot of research and promotion for energy efficiency. I present solutions to

businesses on ways to save money and reduce overhead costs and quite often, there is still some hesitation. Maybe it's the "to good to be true" effect when they see that municipalities are actually PAYING them to upgrade.

It could possibly be that when I contact them they see me as another salesman selling snake oil that I claim will miraculously lower their operating costs.

I just can't seem to put my finger on it.

It's Real, and Saving Companies Millions!

Maybe your company has been pitched with an energy efficient project recently. Maybe it's something you looked at long ago and just never bought into.

So rather than just rely on what WE write, we went looking for some other articles out there that highlight what is really going on with energy efficient solutions. 

Below are some articles showcasing businesses and cities that have done there own research and found out that not only is energy efficiency real......it saves REAL big money!

Just click on the link to check them out.....

Marriott Headquarters upgrades to save money 

PNC Bank find customers do more business with upgraded branches 

Milwaukee to be the most energy efficient city in nation??? 

Need tips on where to start for your business? 

Real Efficiency = Real Money

Large corporations, corporate chains, even cities are finding that energy efficiency is the real deal. With municipality rebates being offered there will never be a time that is better to upgrade than right now.

Want To Learn More About The Benefits Of Energy Efficiency?

Take a minute to download our ebook, "A Business Owners Guide To Energy Efficiency".  We will show you some other benefits of energy efficiency that are well worth consideration. 



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