GE Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofits Saving Hospital BIG Money

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Mon, Aug 13, 2012 @ 13:08 PM

Hospital Saves $13,000 Per Year

A lighting retrofit at Aultman Hospital in Canton, Ohio, is using GE lighting products and saving the healthcare center $13,000 a year in energy costs.


GE’s Evolve LED lighting system has been installed on the hospital’s parking lot andenergy efficient lighting ge evolve parking deck, following a trial in its then newly-built employee parking lot in May 2010. Impressed with light quality and uniformity, Aultman retrofitted a second, older lot using high-pressure sodium fixtures with the same product, GE says. Thirty-two Evolve LED Area Lights replaced 52 high-pressure sodium fixtures in the lot.

Lower Energy Cost, No Service Calls

Aultman’s average expense to light the HPS-equipped lot was $1,500 a month including the cost of an electrical contractor to replace failed fixtures. Since the LED conversion, the hospital’s utility bill has fallen to $400 and the hospital hasn’t placed a service call yet, GE says.

Better Lighting Quality Benefits Security

The hospital security team is particularly happy with the even lighting coverage, GE says.
GE Evolve LED fixtures use thermal management and mechanical and optical design to improve their performance, GE says. They provide an estimated 10-year service life: four times the recommended service interval of traditional high-intensity discharge lighting, the company says.

Source: Environmental Leader

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