Holiday Energy Saving Ideas

Tis the season!

.....for high energy bills! Today let's look at some simple tips and energy saving ideas to help this holiday season.

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How To Calculate Watts For Metal Halide (HID) Lighting

Why Do I Need To Know The Wattage Of My Metal Halide Fixtures?

The only way to see if an energy efficient update to your facility makes sense is to calculate the cost of what you already have.  Your electric bill won't tell you this because the bill is a aggregate view of all of the electricity consumed from your facility, not just the lighting.

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Energy Efficient Lighting: Lamp Life of New Energy Efficient Bulbs

Fluorescent lamp life:

All lamps are not created equal, and while there are hundreds of different configurations I want to touch base on the common non-specialized lamps that we see every day.

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Why Do Electrical Contractors Fear Energy Efficient Products?

Why Are Contractors Afraid Of Encouraging Energy Efficient Products?

"C'Mon Man" And Energy Efficiency....Say What?

I like watching Football on Sunday's when I have time..which isn't very often. So instead of watching hours of Football, I like to watch the ESPN show to see what has been going on in the NFL for the week.

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Power Monitoring System: How To Become Your Own "Power Detective"

What is Power Monitoring?

Paying your utility bill is like signing a blank check while being blindfolded......

Power monitoring is a highly-effective means to detect or prevent problems on power systems. A monitoring system can provide information about system disturbances and their possible causes.

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Energy Efficient Lighting: CREE LED More Efficient Than Fluorescent?

What Could Be More Energy Efficient Than Fluorescents?

What replaces energy efficient fluorescents?

Think of a large office building, or perhaps a high school or college. One thing they all have is a lot of fluorescent 2x4 fixtures in the ceiling.

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Energy Efficient Lighting for Dealerships and Large Parking Lots

Most Dealerships Use Expensive 1000 Watt Metal Halide..

The very first time I drove to see our operations in Clarksville Tennessee I can remember rolling into town late at night. I was absolutely amazed at the number of large dealerships on the main strip, all lit up like a Christmas tree.....all with Metal Halide.

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Types Of HID Lights And Replacements For |Energy Efficient Lighting|

HID Lighting: Energy Efficient Lighting Options.

While HID lighting covers a broad scope of lighting the most common lamps are Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, and High Pressure Sodium. Let's look at some viable options for replacement.

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HID Lighting:Energy Efficient Replacements For High Pressure Sodium

HID Lighting: Replacement Options For High Pressure Sodium

While HID lighting covers a broad scope of lighting the most common lamps are Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, and High Pressure Sodium. Let's look at some viable options for replacement for High Pressure Sodium fixtures.

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Energy Efficiency Incentives: What Are "Prescriptive" Incentives?

Does Your Kentucky Or Tennessee Business Qualify For TVA Energy Efficiency Incentives?

Understanding Incentive Categories

In a previous article I discussed what categorizes a lighting project as "custom" for TVA and also gave an example project to show the great rebate incentives they are offering their customers. In this article I would like to highlight the "prescriptive" lighting program they offer.

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