Energy Saving Tips For Winter: Some Simple Ideas For Where To Look

It's Getting Frosty; Time To Think About Energy Saving For The Winter

Winter is COMING....

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Metal Halide:The Shocking Truth In The Life Of A Metal Halide Bulb

How Long Is The "Real" Life Of A  Metal Halide Bulb?

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Energy Efficiency Incentives: TVA Incentives For "Custom" Lighting

Does Your Kentucky Or Tennessee Business Qualify For TVA Energy Efficiency Incentives?

Understanding Incentive Categories

This article will highlight categories that the municipality incentives fall into. More specifically, these are the categories of TVA in the Kentucky and Tennessee area.

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TVA Incentives: 400W Metal Halide vs. T5 Fluorescent.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)Recently Improved Cash Incentives For Energy Efficient Upgrades.

What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading To T5 Lighting? 

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has recently reconfigured and ramped up it's energy efficiency incentives program in an effort to make people more aware of the need to upgrade your lighting. Let's take a look at the incentives and how much free money is available to help business owners make improvements to their facilities.

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Energy Efficient Lighting: What Are The Different Types Of Lamps?

What Are The Different Types of Lamps When Considering Energy Efficiency?

The wheels of change are already spinning. The government has already mandated that Incandescent lamps and older fluorescent lamps are "inefficient". Lets take a look at some common lighting and also what our options for replacement lamps are.

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4 Energy Efficient Devices That Increase Energy Savings

Energy Efficient Devices:

I recently did an article called Energy Efficient Products: What We Like and Why We Like Them. In the article I wrote about some of the newer technologies that are out on the market place to help conserve energy.

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Why Energy Efficient Lighting Improves Employee Productivity-Part 1

How Does Energy Efficient Lighting Affect Employees?

Energy Efficient Lighting Leads to Better Light Quality

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What is Power Factor Correction?

Confused About Power Factor?

A Look At How It Impacts Your Energy Cost

Power Factor Definition You Can Understand?

Power Factor Correction (or PFC) is one of those concepts that many struggle to understand. Too often, it's defined using technical jargon that isn't particularly helpful. I don't know about you, but when the words "vector" and "cosine" are used too often in the literature, I start to tune out.

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Peak Demand: Are You Getting Hammered By Peak Demand Charges?

Do You Ever Wonder What the Heck That Charge is Listed Under  "Peak Demand"  On Your Utility Bill?

If You Don't, I Am Going To Show You What It Really Means....

Slipping a check into the monthly utility bill without giving it much thought is a thing of habit. Open the bill, look over the final charge, and then make out the check while bickering over how the utility company is ripping off consumers.

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5 Energy Saving Tips That Save You Money

Want to Save Some Money?  Here are some energy saving tips that will save you some cash!

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