Energy Efficient Products: What We Like and Why We Like Them

What are the best products energy efficient products for energy efficient installations? 

Take a look at some we really like....(just our opinion)

Top Energy Efficient Products:

This post is going to highlight some of my top picks for energy efficient products and new technology. In this article, we are going to cover lighting, power monitoring, and drives.

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How To Find the Initial (ROI) for Energy Efficient Lighting in Schools?

Part 1 - Initial Return on Investment

"What is the return on the investment (ROI) for new lighting for the schools?...  (total cost for changeover no matter where the money comes from and the savings.)"   Jack, POWER blog subscriber

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Energy Efficient School Parking Lot Lighting

Budget Strapped School Systems Should Be Looking At Energy Efficient Strategies...

Energy Efficient Schools Reduce Annual Energy Expenses and Annual Maintenance Expenses....

Budgets are being cut, teachers laid off, even schools being closed!

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A Case For Occupancy Sensors in Schools

If there was ever a place:

If there were ever a perfect place for occupancy sensors, school buildings would be it. Occupancy sensors are a great fit for almost every area in a school, from gymnasiums and bathrooms to the main hallways that our children walk every day.

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Hovey Electric Selling 1994 F-700 55' Bucket Truck

1994 Ford F-700 Bucket Truck For Sale

We have a bucket truck we are selling since we don't have a use for it any longer. Here are the specifications:

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Hovey Electric Top 5 Finalist - Hubspot "..Success Story of The Year"

Hovey Electric chosen as 1 of the Top 5 Success Stories of the Year by Hubspot Users.

A Year Long Website Improvement Project

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Energy Efficient Lighting in Schools: How Much Does It Cost?

Energy Efficient School Lighting:

I live right down the road from both of my kid's schools. They are involved with in after school sports.  We end up carting them back and forth at various times of the day.  Last evening I picked them up and I was amazed to see all the lighting on throughout the buildings for the cleaning staff as late as 9 P.M.

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How To Reduce Wattage By 65% in a Body Shop

A Change In Energy Efficient Lighting For Crippen Buick GMC Mazda Volvo

A body shop environment should include lighting that not only lights the area, but it should also duplicate natural light as close as possible.  When we approached the project at Crippen, we had two goals in the Body Shop area:

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How To Calculate Watts: 400 Metal Halide vs. T-5 High Bay Fluorescent

Which Fixture is More Efficient? 400 Watt Metal Halide or T-5 High Bay Fluorescent?

Read On To Learn More About How To Calculate Watts:

Difference in Wattage 400 Watt MH to T-5 High Bay

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What Is A Power Monitoring System?

Power Monitoring Is A Proactive Approach To Energy Efficiency and Prevention of Malfunctioning Equipment.

"Invisible and fleeting power disturbances can be silent killers-the electronic equivalent of high blood pressure"

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