Energy Efficient Lights: 3 Options For Upgrading 8' T-12 Fluorescent

Want Energy Efficient Lighting?

Eliminate T-12 Fixtures!

The T-12 fixture is on its way out.  You can still buy them, but just like the 100 watt incandescent light bulb, the T-12 bulb is on it's way out. The government is not allowing manufacturers to make them after 2012. 

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Energy Efficient Lighting Applications: LED ,Inductive & Fluorescent

Energy Efficient Lighting Choices

Energy savings has become somewhat of a "buzz" topic. The lighting market has tons of different technologies available to the business owner or consumer, but how do you know what works?

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Prices Of Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Going Up 25-50%

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Use Rare Earth Minerals

What are Rare Earth Minerals?

Name says it all:

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Energy Efficient Lighting For Detailing Work Areas

Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrade for Detailing Area at Crippen Automotive

Here's what manager Tom Hopkins had to say about his new lights:

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How To Find The Most Energy Efficient 400 Watt Metal Halide

The Most Energy Efficient Metal Halide Is....

The Most Energy Efficient is a Metal Halide that Has NO Power Running To It...

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How to Choose an Infrared Sensor

So Many Infrared Sensors to Choose From

While there are different sensor technologies (infrared, ultra sonic, and dual technology) today's post is about which applications are not suited to the PIR, or infrared sensor and how to choose an Infrared Sensor.

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How To Be Your Own Electricity Calculator for Energy Savings

"How To" Energy Savings Calculations

Recently we took a good hard look at what articles we had written generated the most interest. It was clear that most people were interested in the "how to" of calculations.

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Power Monitoring System

1-Power Monitoring Can Reduce Power Factor Penalties

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Learn How to Make Air Handlers More Energy Efficient

Are Your Air Handlers Energy Efficient?

VFD's On Air Handlers for Energy Efficiency

If your a business owner with a medium to large sized building chances are you have at least one air handler on your facility.  Air handlers provide your heating and cooling.

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How To Calculate Occupancy Sensors Energy Savings

Do Occupancy Sensors Save Big Money?

I have written in the past about which sensors are for various applications, however a common question I hear is "how much electricity do they save?". In this article I will run through a common scenario and show the benefits of adding them to your lighting system.

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