Energy Efficient Lighting: Inductive Crushes 400 Watt Metal Halide

Are Inductive Fluorescents Better Than 400 Watt Metal Halide?

Yes, we think so, and here's why:

Reason #1 50% Less Wattage

You can replace a 400 Watt Metal Halide with a 200 Watt Inductive Fluorescent fixture.  By doing this you reduce your total fixture wattage by over 50% which in turn reduces your utility bill 50% for your lighting.  Doesn't seem possible?

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Be One of the First Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations

Have You Seen a Electric Vehicle on the Road Yet?

For Real....Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicle charging station locations will become a regular sighting in the next 5 years.  Do you know where your nearest electric vehicle charging station is located?  Not likely, because the infrastructure is not yet in place. 

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How to Determine if Your Motor is Energy Efficient

Are Energy Efficient Motors A Good Investment?

Steps to Calculate the Cost of Your Existing Motors

In order to determine if upgrading to more energy efficiency motors is a practical consideration for your business, you must first calculate the cost of your existing motors.  We show you how to calculate those costs here:

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How to Maximize Energy Efficiency with a Power Monitoring System

Can You Control Something You Can't Measure?

No, I don't think you can.  If you go into a hospital or have a problem, what do they do first?  They hook you up to monitor to measure what is going on.  Why do they do that?  They are looking for abnormalities, issues with vital organs, and to predict if there is an imminent failure.  It gives medical professionals a baseline of where to begin.  Monitoring the power in your business is the same. You can't live without your heart and likewise, most businesses can't live without some source of power or energy.  

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Learn How to Choose the Right Type of Motion Sensors

Infrared, Ultrasonic, Dual Technology, which do I choose?

In a previous post "Motion Sensors 101", I listed the functions of motion sensors.

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Why You Should Download Our FREE Energy Efficiency Guide

New E-Book Released

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Learn How to Increase Energy Efficiency in Home or Business

Simple, Practical Energy Efficiency Tips for Homeowners and Businesses

These are some simple tips than anyone can implement for immediate energy savings.  I know, because these are the very same things I did in my home.

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3 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Less than 1 Hour

Simple, Practical Energy Efficiency Tips for Homeowners (Works for Small Businesses TOO!)

We recently got some feedback on our blog that told us we were way too technical on our blog, not easy to understand. 

I thought about it a little and decided...hey, I am doing all I can at home for energy efficiency...why not talk about tips that can help homeowners save money as well?

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Ways to Improve Hazardous Area Lighting for Energy Efficiency

No Solutions for Energy Efficient Hazardous area lighting?

I drive to work every morning and see large chemical process facilities burning inefficient HID lighting.

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Employment Opportunity: Seeking Qualified Journeyman Electricians

Hovey Electric is Hiring Journeyman Electricians!

It's cold outside, but work is picking up at our Midland, MI location. 

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