Where Is The Best Place To Use T5 Lighting Technology?

The Many Uses For T5 Lighting

Many people see T5 lighting as good for only Highbay replacement applications. While it does excel extremely well in that department there are other main stream uses for this incredible lighting technology.

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Energy Retrofit Options: How To Recycle Existing Lighting Fixtures

Considering A Lighting Upgrade?  Don't Forget To Consider Energy Retrofits......

Let's take a look at different lighting retrofits available on the market today. 

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Is It Possible For LED Lighting To Get More Efficient and Cheaper?

LED Lighting Has Been Around Awhile....But Not So Affordable...

LED Technology Changing Rapidly

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Induction Lighting: An Amazing Breakthrough In Fluorescent Lighting

Induction Lighting:

This in my mind is just one of the cooler technologies. It blends the lamp life of LED with the reliability and cost effectiveness of Fluorescent. Inductive Fluorescent lighting is actually an older technology that was never economical until the advancements in LED driver technology made leaps and bounds.

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T8 vs. T5: How To Determine Which Light Is The Right Light

Shouldn't It Be T12 vs. T8 vs. T5?

Your Kids Won't Even Know What A T-12 Was

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Insights Into The Versatility And Applications Of LED Lighting

LED, LED Downlight, LED Retrofit, LED Troffer....What Does It All Mean?

Versatile Applications Of LED Lighting

With LED technology catching on like it has recently many people are considering it for new and remodel lighting projects. It's extremely low energy consumption and higher CRI output make LED look very appealing.

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T8 Lighting: Energy Efficient Applications And Uses For T8 Fixtures

When And Where To Use T8 Technology

While its easy for me to know what lighting fits what application due to my years in the field, there are many out there who have questions.

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5 Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love With Fluorescent T5 Lighting

Here's Why You Will Fall In Love Fluorescent T5 Technology...

1. Fewer Watts Per Fixture

T-5 Ballast and bulbs are a better combination all around but one of the greatest benefits is the reduction in wattage required to light these up compared to a T12 fixture.  The difference in savings will depend on which type of fixture. We have used fixtures with wattage ratings of 190 watts.

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Energy Efficient Solutions: How To Transform Existing T12 To T8

If You Have Existing T12 2x4 Fixtures, You Don't Have To Remove Them....Here's Why...

Hello....Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit Kits

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A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Applications: T8 vs. T5

Which Is The Better Application, T8 or T5?

Well, It Depends!

Both T5 and T8 lighting solutions are smart choices when considering a lighting upgrade, however depending on the application one of these technologies will work better.

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