$42,000 Fact About Energy Efficient Lighting And The Cost Of Waiting

Do You Have The Time Or Money To Wait For Energy Efficient Lighting?

Waiting Too Long Can Cost You Big Time

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What Is Annual Energy Savings and How Do I Calculate The Savings?

Business Costs Are Rising...But, Look To Annual Energy Savings...

Can It Be Lowered?

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Energy Efficient Lighting:T-12 Fluorescent Bulbs Go Bye, Bye In July!

You Will Have To Replace Your T-12's At Some Point....The Question Is...When?

T-12 Being Phased Out


Replacement ballasts for T-12 Fixtures are no longer being manufactured.  This is part of a long term phaseout which began in 2005. Manufacturers stopped producing the ballasts after July 2010.  As long as your ballast doesn't burn out, you will have nothing to worry about.

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How To Reduce Gymnasium Lighting Cost By Over 50%.....Real Project

Can Energy Efficient Lighting Reduce Cost By 50%?

400 Watt Metal Halide Fixtures are NOT Energy Efficient or Cost Effective

The title of this article may be hard to believe, but I see the application almost daily used in several different types of facilities.  400 Watt Metal Halide fixtures are EVERYWHERE.  I attended several of my daughters Volleyball games this year at Public Schools and Universities.  What are they using?  400 Watt Metal Halide.  Metal Halides are NOT energy efficient compared to many options.

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Energy Efficient Lighting:How To Calculate Cost 23 Watt Bulb

Is a 23 Watt Bulb Really More Energy Efficient than a 100 Watt Incandescent?

Calculating the Cost of a 23 Watt CFL

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Utilities Paying Incentives But NOT Using Energy Efficient Lighting!

Utility Uses Inefficient 400 Watt Metal Halide For New Street Lights

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How To Calculate Watts For Metal Halide (HID) Lighting

Why Do I Need To Know The Wattage Of My Metal Halide Fixtures?

The only way to see if an energy efficient update to your facility makes sense is to calculate the cost of what you already have.  Your electric bill won't tell you this because the bill is a aggregate view of all of the electricity consumed from your facility, not just the lighting.

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Energy Efficient Lighting: Lamp Life of New Energy Efficient Bulbs

Fluorescent lamp life:

All lamps are not created equal, and while there are hundreds of different configurations I want to touch base on the common non-specialized lamps that we see every day.

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Energy Efficient Lighting for Dealerships and Large Parking Lots

Most Dealerships Use Expensive 1000 Watt Metal Halide..

The very first time I drove to see our operations in Clarksville Tennessee I can remember rolling into town late at night. I was absolutely amazed at the number of large dealerships on the main strip, all lit up like a Christmas tree.....all with Metal Halide.

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Types Of HID Lights And Replacements For |Energy Efficient Lighting|

HID Lighting: Energy Efficient Lighting Options.

While HID lighting covers a broad scope of lighting the most common lamps are Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, and High Pressure Sodium. Let's look at some viable options for replacement.

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