How to Find Energy Efficiency Savings from Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensor; What do they do?

Occupancy sensor, Occ sensor, motion sensor. They have various names but they all do basically the same function.

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A Case For Occupancy Sensors in Schools

If there was ever a place:

If there were ever a perfect place for occupancy sensors, school buildings would be it. Occupancy sensors are a great fit for almost every area in a school, from gymnasiums and bathrooms to the main hallways that our children walk every day.

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How To Calculate Occupancy Sensors Energy Savings

Do Occupancy Sensors Save Big Money?

I have written in the past about which sensors are for various applications, however a common question I hear is "how much electricity do they save?". In this article I will run through a common scenario and show the benefits of adding them to your lighting system.

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Learn How to Choose the Right Type of Motion Sensors

Infrared, Ultrasonic, Dual Technology, which do I choose?

In a previous post "Motion Sensors 101", I listed the functions of motion sensors.

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