How to Find Energy Efficiency Savings from Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensor; What do they do?

Occupancy sensor, Occ sensor, motion sensor. They have various names but they all do basically the same function.

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How to Choose an Infrared Sensor

So Many Infrared Sensors to Choose From

While there are different sensor technologies (infrared, ultra sonic, and dual technology) today's post is about which applications are not suited to the PIR, or infrared sensor and how to choose an Infrared Sensor.

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How To Calculate Occupancy Sensors Energy Savings

Do Occupancy Sensors Save Big Money?

I have written in the past about which sensors are for various applications, however a common question I hear is "how much electricity do they save?". In this article I will run through a common scenario and show the benefits of adding them to your lighting system.

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Learn How to Choose the Right Type of Motion Sensors

Infrared, Ultrasonic, Dual Technology, which do I choose?

In a previous post "Motion Sensors 101", I listed the functions of motion sensors.

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